Story Behind the Smile

“Well, I have to admit one of the things I do is that I mystery shop banks and Union is the only one that


what it’s supposed to be doing.”

The Story Behind the Smile

We love it when you feel good.

You may have noticed that the Union logo grew a smile. While we were always smiling inside, now it’s out there for the whole world to see. What makes us so happy? That would be our customers. We love it when you feel good.

You talked. We listened.
We spent the first part of this year riding around the fine Commonwealth of Virginia asking customers (ours and those of other banks) “what are we are doing right?” and “what can we do better?” You talked and we listened. One of the things we heard over and over is that Union is doing a lot of things that make people feel good about banking with us. And that just inspires us to do more. Be on the lookout for #lifefeelsgood days happening across Virginia. You never know where we’ll be with a random feel-good moment. Also, if we’re doing something right (or wrong), we want to hear from you! Because when you feel good, so do we.

Union Smile
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