Mr. Biggles

Breed: Sable Marbled Snow Bengal Cat

Home: Richmond, VA

Age: What age? I feel like a kitten!

Weight: Weight is just a number.

"Pet" Peeves: Dumb dogs, the vacuum cleaner, humans who think they're in charge

Nickname: Hey, Get Down From There!

Latest Accomplishment: STAR of Union’s new TV commercial

Hobbies: Climbing things, chasing things that aren't as fast or smart as me

Favorite Books:
The Purrrrrrpose Driven Life
Eat, Prey, Be Loved
Who Moved My Catnip?

Favorite TV Show: Calico is the New Black

Worst Pickup Line You’ve Ever Heard: "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty…"

Best Pickup Line You’ve Ever Heard: "Dinner's ready!"

Most Recent Achievement: Finally catching that annoying chipmunk and leaving it on my owners’ doorstep

What Motivates You? Anything involving food or heights

How Would You Describe Yourself? Risk-Taker. Philosopher. Napper.

Motto: There's always more trouble to get into.

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "How you ever gonna reach the stars if you never get off the ground?" – Big Time Rush

Lifetime Goal: Climbing something so tall they finally have to call out the fire department