One Great Feel Good State

Check back often to see pics of the Union Smile Team delivering random feel-good moments. Our goal? To paint this whole map green by highlighting every city and town we visit.

Rollover the map to smile > Here are some of our latest happy places:

In the Pumpkin Patch
When: October 18
Where: Springfield
Mood: Feeling Fall-Like

Kettle Korn & Hawaiian Ice
When: October 18
Where: Chesterfield
Mood: Sugar Fixed

Drive-In Movie Time
When: October 25
Where: Lexington
Mood: Star-Struck

Bank of the Future
When: November 7
Where: Midlothian
Mood: Excited!

CARITAS Turkey & Pies
When: November 26
Where: Richmond
Mood: Thankful

One Great Feel Good State